Welcome to our new blog!

Hello and welcome to the new blog, albeit a little later than I originally said! (The day job has been craaaazy recently and just haven't had the time to sit down to write this).

I won't make it too long, but this is going to be another way for people to stay up to date with whats going on if you don't have Facebook or our other social media.

With how everything has gone recently, some plans have changed. Two new fragrances were released a few weeks ago. They were just testers for wedding favours, and they flew of the shelf! I was going to have these as a Valentines special, but have now run out of fragrance oil and won't be able to get any in and made before Valentines day. Therefor we are going to concentrate on Mothers Day, get some more oils in and use others that we have. We will release this at least a few weeks before Mothers Day, to allow for delivery etc.

As last year was our first year in business, we didn't look at doing specials for holidays, but we are going to try to do as many as we can, just understand that with a full time job as well, we sometimes struggle to get new stock made.

There is plenty of stock still on the website, but we will also be re stocking any we have oils left over from.

If you have any questions, queries or ideas, then please do leave a comment below! Lets get taking :D


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